• Engage Patients with a

    SolvEdge Healthcare Bot is intuitive, responsive, and requires no training.

    Eye On

    Empowered Care
    It’s costing $33B each year—in avoidable hospital admittances, higher treatment costs, low prescription adherence, and preventable deaths. We can do better.


    of patients are nonadherent to their care plans.

  • Enrich Patient Experience
    and improve health Outcomes

    Analyzing and Predicting Health needs to improve Patient Experience

    Powerful Insights

    Journey towards Patient
    We discover, intergrate, analyze,to unlock its predictive and prescriptive value at the point of decision making.


    of analyzing patient behaviors and conditions for determing the most effective careway.

  • Deliver unified care continuity

    for patient care journey.

    Provide care journey application which is easy-to-use, planning mechanism, one that can save them real time and effort.

    Guided Care

    Coordinated Care Journey
    The system is delivered with a pre-defined library of care plans, each of which can be customized by the facility, which ensures consistency and promotes individualizing for each patient.


    of hospitals surveyed view "Patient Experience and Satisfaction as the main priorty over the next few years."

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